maandag 15 augustus 2011

Block on point

I'm busy with my Staphorster Quilt, yesterday Dieuwke and I discussed during our two hour drive about the quilttop. Well this is the result, a small blue border, wich represents the dark blue skirts and jackets the Staphorster women wear.
The only thing is that my quilt will be bigger than I thought, so I need more "hour glasses", well there we go another 36. In the middle are 144 hourglasses, and 48 hourglasses for each side.

For the corner I want "block on point". I'm always having trouble with the size ..... but not anymore thanks to Billie Lauder (who is really good mathematic). This is how you do it:

Corner triangle: finished size of block / 1.414 + .875 = size of one square, one square is two corners.

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Petra zei

Jij hebt de turbo weer aan (zei ik jaloers, ik heb een kleine quiltdip). Wat een prachtige quilt in wording is dit. Groetjes, Petra