donderdag 24 februari 2011

Snow in Seattle (day 1)

After 10 hours I arrived at 12.30 (local time) in Seattle. I had a very comfortable flight, there were just a few passengers so I had 4 seats on my own. It feels good to be back with Marne and Elaine. My suitcase will be filled with quiltstuff (as Marne told on her blog I got a few things waiting here), but now I got rid of 5 kilo Allerhande (Marne's favorite magazijn from AH) I will manage.

Well Marne and I didn't want to waiste any time so in the evening we started our first quiltbee. It's fun, quilting together, discuss colours and patterns. The project I'm working on one of my antique quiltsblocks (around 1860's) I bought them earlier this year and they were send to Marne. I think they're perfect just with muslin and a red with white dots binding. Did you notice that every blocks got a red with white dots triangle in the middle and a dark red on the top. I didn't notice it, but Marne is always try to discover patterns. Does anybody know the name of this pattern? I thought it was " lady of the lake" but we're not sure.
Programm today: Coffee at Grateful bread, visit Pacific Fabric. Tomorrow, depending the weather we will visit Port Gamble. Saturday we will follow some quiltclasses.
More about our adventures tomorrow!

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