dinsdag 22 februari 2011


The last weeks I did a lot of quilting. Quilting is so relaxing, especially when you watch "Little house on the prairie". I wanted to finish those quilts before I go to Marne, and I did. Sunday I sewed the last binding and now they're temporarily hanging at my bookshelves. The tops are both antique, they dated somewhere around 1900. I really had to finish them because new antique projects are waiting for me at Marne. The last months I bought several things and let them send them to Marne, much cheaper. She and Elaine are teasing me that I got so much stuff at their home, that the whole bed (double bed) will be covered. It will be very interesting to see how I get everything home.

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Debbie zei

What beautiful treasures! Enjoy your time in the states.