zaterdag 12 februari 2011


It rained all night, very comfortable and warm in my bed, I could hear the rain falling down on our roof. In the morning it was still raining. Well what's the best thing to do on a grey and rainy day. Of course, visit a Quiltexpo with granny. After our lunch we drove to Vijfhuizen (near Haarlem), for granny that's just around the corner. It was a very interesting quiltexpo (PHOTOS) lucky they had a lot of traditional quilts (my favorites), but some of the art quilts I also liked. Most of the art quilts were made by Ukrain quilters, it was very interesting to see, the techniques and colours they choosed. And yes, I did some quiltshopping, just a few fat quarters for my doggie quilts. Each time I enter a quiltshop I try to buy some doggie fabrics. I have quite a collection now, but they're not very matching. So this quilts will be probably turn out in the most awful doggie quilt you can imagine.

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Nana's Quilts zei

Oh, thanks for the photos. Looks like there were lots of very interesting pieces. Some not my style but seem to be very well done. We are also have lots of wind and rain. YUK. Hope Grannie had fun, too.