zondag 20 februari 2011

Good memories

I grew up in the small town Epse near Deventer. My parents still live in Epse in same the house where I grew up. When I was 19 years old I left home to go study in Amsterdam. That's where I met my DH Rob. We still live in the west part of the Netherlands, but I love to go to the east. Yesterday we visited my parents (we often do, to have dinner) and we made a walk on the estate "Joppe". Good memories came back. When I was a teenager, we (the whole family) joined a kind of recreative running/jogging group. Each saturday from 8.30 - 10.00 a.m. we walked through the little hills, ran over the paths, jumped over ditches, and played games on the Estate Joppe. My mum and I weren't very good runners, but it was especially the "gezelligheid" (cosyness) we loved. It felt good to walk here again, and I must say: nothing changed in 26 years.

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Nana's Quilts zei

Oh, very nice. Shall we visit there? Today is a lovely sunny day but it is cold. Weatherman says possible rain and snow through Thursday, and cold at night. Bring your gloves (or I have some, too):-)

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Helen zei

Hi Caro, Just to let you know that I have received your parcel today.How lovely the 2 mats are, along with the postcard, mats to protect the Mug Rugs and the fabric it was wrapped up in. Our Daughter, Sara (10) has decided that the rabbit mat, is her's! I am sending it this way as I do not have an email address to contact you. Check out my blog. Helen x