zaterdag 26 februari 2011

Port Gamble & Poulsbo (Day 2)

It was a very cold (I think -6C) and windy, but sunny day. The last days the north part of Seattle was covered with snow, we weren't sure the ways would be free from ice and snow. So before would leave for this trip we called the general store in Port Gamble, and they assured us, no problems. To reach Port Gamble you have to take the Ferry to Kingston, then you drive through the hills and along the bay to Port Gamble, wich really is lovely sweet town (with a quiltshop). It was so cold and windy outside, we really needed a good, long, warm lunch. Port Gamble is on the Kitsap Peninsula, it's the only surviving company town. It's traces its roots back back to the arrival of San Francisco timber enterpreneurs Keller, Talbot, Pope and foster in 1853. From there we went to Poulsbo wich is on the same Peninsula.

Poulsbo has a strong Norwegian heritage that began over 100 years with the Eliason Family. For many years Norwegian was the only language spoken by the citizens of Poulsbo.

Beside the Quiltshop, it got Marne's favorite shop: Marina Market, here you can buy all kind of European food.

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