zondag 21 februari 2010


in exactly three weeks. Here we (Dieuwke, Willemijn and I) come. About 7 months ago we started the preparations to visit Marne and Elaine, and now it's only 21 nights sleeping. So for me that means, start collecting my stuff. Make piles in the spareroom, like two piles with Allerhande (free cooking magazine from the Albert Heijn) for Marne and Jacqueline. Sorry, no chocolat, because our dog Paco likes chocolat too much, and the last time Marne and Elaine were here he ate all there chocolate when we were visiting the flower Market, the only that was left was a bill from the vet. But of course gryotten (dutch candy) and some very interesting gloves (wantschoenen: can't be translated a dutch wordjoke) from the Unox. WANTSCHOENEN commercial.

2 opmerkingen:

Nana's Quilts zei

And Marne and Elaine are really looking forward to your coming. Hurrah!

ballardquilter zei

Leave room in your suitcase for quilt magazines. I have a very large stack waiting for you.