zondag 14 februari 2010


Saturday morning, 7.30 breakfast, 8.15 groceries, and get myself ready to pick up Dieuwke at 9.15 to go the Quiltexpo, 9.35 found a parkingplace, 9.40 we got our tickets, 10.05 meet Willemijn. I must say we're not very enthousiastic about the Expo, the quilts on the exhibition we're not my kind of style, just a a few I liked. But it was nice to go around all the little shops, and meet "old friends" like Agnes from Minewood Quilting. MORE PHOTOS

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Nana's Quilts zei

I love the cows. So cute! If there is a picture here of the quilting device you are thinking of buying - let me introduce you to a lady who has one and she can give you her opinion. I don't think she uses it. So let's go ask her. I read Dutch blogs last night and yes, there were many, many art quilts at Rijswijk - not the old fashioned stuff that we do.