vrijdag 19 februari 2010


A few weeks ago all the managers at my work got a Blackberry. Well I always thought I'm not somebody for gadgets (except quilting gadgets of course). But I must admit it's very handy to have your email, agenda and contacts in this little computer, so I use it a lot at work.

The only problem is, where do I keep this blackberry. I don't like big bumps in my pockets, keep it in my hand when I'm going from meeting to meeting is no option, it already fell twice on the ground. But you're quilter or you're not. So I made this little bag, and with button "woof" on it everybody thinks it's a very exclusive "brand".
Of course I have to make a few more, because the bag has to match with my outfit : ).

3 opmerkingen:

^A^ngel zei

Love them!! too cute! Did you see the one I made?



Simone zei

Geweldig tasje!!! En dan ook nog zo'n exclusief merk...

Nana's Quilts zei

Oh, oh - you make me laugh. Love the bags. Do we need to look for more buttons?