vrijdag 5 februari 2010

Our kitchen ...

is not very big, you could say it's rather small and narrow, but it got lovely views over the backyardgardens and there is a balcony.
On the walls are hanging little quilts, and other baking stuff. Not that I'm a cook that much.
Tooday is Rob his birthday (45 years old), so we started the day with home-made muffins. A very quick and easy recipe from AH (Marne's favorite store in the Netherlands), just take a box of muffin-stuff, put some water with it, and there you go. How difficult can life be? Tomorrow we have a little family-gourmetparty (10 people) to celebrate Rob his birthday.

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Nana's Quilts zei

FABULOUS! I wanna come to the party. Darn - I don't think I could arrive in time. Big hugs!