zaterdag 6 februari 2010

Our diningroom

This is a kind of tour through our house. Today we had a gourmet/dinnerparty to celebrate Rob his birthday. Friday our diningroom was transformed into a quiltroom.

I think the diningroom is one of my favorite places (beside my quiltroom) in our house. The diningroom is separated from the livingroom with leaded-light doors, so yo can easily make "two rooms". It's big, so you can sit around the table with lots of people with or without sewing machines. And I like the views, you can step easily on our balcony and watch the gardens below.
Tomorrow will be a quiet day, with some exercise. Especially Paco, when we were saying goodbye to the family he ate all the choux pastry with whipped cream from the plate in the living room. He is such a lovely dog, and he can be so smart when it's about food.

2 opmerkingen:

Nana's Quilts zei

Oh so nice. You and Granny did a very nice job on the bedspread and it will look just lovely in her open sleeping space. It will be a beautiful addition. And of course, your party looks like you were having a great time. We need to have another Gourmetten here. We had a good time doing that.

^A^ngel zei

It seems like you guys had a wonderful time... I think Granny's bedspread is did a wonderful job...