zondag 28 februari 2010

Preparations (1)

If you think, just buy a ticket, get in the airplane and go to Seattle, you're wrong. I'm very busy with the preparations : ). What did I do saturday. I baked "drie in de pan" (three in the frying pan). It seems that this is a very old dutch recipe. I know my mother used to make them when we were a child, and we loved them. They look like little pancakes. Well I want to bake them for Marne and Elaine in Seattle. And I must admit I'm not the best cook of the world, so I really thought it was a good idea to do a "try-out". My husband liked them, but I'm not sure he's the most reliable judge.
Preparation: bowl, blender/mixer, frying pan

200 gram self raising flour (7 ounce oz)
3 dl. milk (1 fl. ounce)
1 egg
a little bit salt
1 or 2 grated apples, or chopped in little pieces
50-100 gr. raisins (2-4 oz ounces)

What to do next?
Wash the raisins and let them dry. Put the flour in the bowl, add the milk slowly. Add the salt and the egg. Mix it very good. Add the raisins and the grated apple. The challenge is to make a good pastry, because the idea is to bake three little pancakes at the same time. So make a soft mix, something thicker than crepes.

Now comes the fun part: Put some butter in your frying pan. Take a big table-spoon/server (you use for soup). Make three little pancakes in your frying pan. Wait till they're "dry" on the top, and then turn them over, and bake them brown on the other side.

They taste very good with syrup or icing sugar.

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Nana's Quilts zei

It's gonna be fabulous! Elaine suggests maybe you can bring a small (plastic) bottle of stroop since you don't like maple syrup. Although we do have dark Karo syrup (I think you tasted that last time) or jam. Lekker!