maandag 23 november 2009

Summertime, "les soeurs Gribouille"

I got this lovely book from my sister. So my collection of Tilda books is complete now. Although it's all about summerprojects, I think I will start as soon as back from my three-days course from work, these project are so lovely. Can't wait.

Last weekend I finished my black autumn cats. I bought the fabric and pattern at the Sewing Expo in Rotterdam. Don't they look stubborn, these little cat-sisters. You can find The pattern is in the Quiltmania Autumn 2009. I bought the complete kit (quiltmania and fabric) at Dorry.

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^A^ngel zei

Hi Caro! That book is beautiful just like the others...nice projects...

Love your kitties!!

Have fun at the course ...and show them how much of a good leader you are !! LOL