zaterdag 7 november 2009

A dark and rainy day with a BIG SUPRISE ...

Today I received my Stitchers Angel suprise. And I finally found out who was my partner. Because in the email you use a secret name. Well my partner is from the USA, her name is Diana and she lives in DuPont (just around "corner" from Tacoma/Seattle).
Rob and I were having lunch, and the doorbell rang, we didn't almost hear it, but lucky we have Paco, who likes to bark when the doorbell rings. Rob went downstairs, and came upstairs with a box, and not just a box, but a very big big box. In this box where the most beautyful gifts. She made a lovely "play-bone" for Paco, that I will hang above his basket in the hallway, I don't want him to chew on it.

A lovely X-mas angel, I'm already going to hang that up. I know it's still 8 weeks till X-mas. A pincushion. A lovely bag in cream and brown, the colours suits very good with our house, with a lovely rose on it. A lovely bookcover with a note-book in it, I will take that with me on my Seattle trip.

Well I'm so spoiled, really, because everything was put in a sewing basket, with lots of goodies (pins, fabrics, candies, buttons and ribbon). This will be my "Tilda" sewing basket. You know I'm a Tilda fan.

I think my husband liked the "bear poop" and "whitetail deer poop" the most.


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Nana's Quilts zei

Well, aren't you such a lucky girl! That looks like you got lots and lots of goodies. And, no, DuPont isn't that far away. How funny that your partner would be someone from the Northwest - we're such nice girls. :-> zei

Hola amiga, que hermosos regalos has recibido de tu angel bordador, ya los habia visto...pero no podia echar a perder la sorpresa jijijiji...y me alegro mucho que te hallan hecho tan feliz.....espero que tengas un feliz fin de semana...
Abrazos grandotes para ti y tu bella familia.