zondag 29 november 2009


Yesterday Dieuwke and I went to a little quilt-exposition in Garderen. Henny Oosterbaan was having a kind of X-mas quilt exposition in her own house. I love her house and her style.

The house is situated in the woods, with white walls and a reed roof. My friend thougt it just looked like a little Dwarf-house. They welcomed us very warm-hearted, especially because we came all the way from the Hague. The Hague - Garderen is about a 1h20 drive, 72 miles. Quite a distance in the Netherlands (probably hard to understand for a lot people, but Holland/Netherlands is very small country). PHOTOS EXPOSITION

I must tell you something very typical about the Netherlands. Most most people that lives in the east-part of the Netherlands, think it's quite a journey to go to the west part of the Netherlands. That's a big journey (you really have to plan and prepare it ; ). On the other hand, we, people from the west part don't think the east part is that far. So for some reason it's easier to go from west to east, then from east to west.

Well the advantage is that we got a very warm-hearted welcome, an extra cup of tea, because we came all the way from The Hague. So we were treated very special.

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Chookyblue...... zei

I travel 20 miles to town many times a week.............and the big town I go to for more supplies is 100 miles away...........it is such a common expectation.........it is so weird to think 72 miles is such a major effort to go there..........lucky you had a great time there.........

Odette zei

Que bello se ve todo amiga, muy bonito todo lo que nos muestras.

Nana's Quilts zei

How lovely and what great fun - after traveling soooooo far! It is so nice to feel really appreciated. At the top of the stockings - are those some kind of pins? Very cute! Maybe you can find some more? And I love the red wreath - perhaps I can work on that as I bought a foundation last week. Hmmmm.