zaterdag 23 februari 2008


On Thursday and Friday Marne (USA) visited me. I only know her from the quiltgroup on the internet so it was very exciting. At 10.30 a.m. she arrived by train, after lunch, of course we had to visit a quilshop, so we went to Evy (Quilterspalet) for a chat and a cup of tea, and buy some (not americain) fabrics. Lucky for us Evy just received fabrics from Denmark. In the afternoon Jacqueline and her daughter were visting us too. Jacqueline knows her also from internetquiltgroup, we had a lovely time and dinner was a great succes.

On friday we went to Amsterdam to visit "De Haag en Wagenmaker" and "Birdblocks". The "Haan en Wagenmaker" is a very special shop with beautyfull reproductions of old dutch fabrics. I think we spend at least an hour over there. I have made a little quilt with fabrics from their shop, and the lady in the shop asked me to send some pictures when it's finished. And of course I also had to buy fabrics for a quilt. Yesterday evening Marne learned me how to use the patterns in the fabrics to create new patterns in squares. I think she's really expierenced, I wish she could stay longer and learn me all the trics and techniques she knows. Quilting in the USA has a long tradition, there are stores with fabrics, we even can't image, and the magazines they have. Marne brought me six different magazines, so lots of inspirations. I think when I go to the USA I have to take one empty suitecase with me, and fill it up with fabrics, magazines and books.

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Judith zei

It is nice to see a face with Marne. Haan and Wagemakers is a lovely store. When I am in Amsterdam I always try to visit their store. I also love birdblocks.

jacq zei

i Had a very nice day with the both of You. (but do not like my pictures:D)