donderdag 7 februari 2008

I miss my quiltbee

Tomorrow we have definitely sold our house, and all the papers will be signed. It feels strange, but it's good.
Living in The Hague is fantastic. No more trains to catch, no more three hours travelling, no more delays, just a 5-minute walk to my work. But I miss my quiltbee in Putten, last tuesday they had their quiltbee, but I couldn't join them. When I read Helen's blog about the bee, I wish I could be there. But The Hague - Putten is just too far, with all the traffic it would be a 2-hour drive. So I spend the evening with cutting fabrics for my logcabin and making a little gift for my collegue who has become father of a beautyfull daughter called Lena.

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jacq zei

leuk is die!

ene ik heb je getagt, op mijn blog kan je lezen wat de bedoeling is, maar het is niet verplicht hoor.