zaterdag 16 februari 2008

Log cabin, part 6

I'm still vey enthousiastic about the logcabin, last tuesday was our 3th lesson. As you can see we all choose different colours. It was hard work the last weeks because we had to finish 8 blocks. Unfortunetaly Julie didn't join our group anymore, she is left-handed, and had a lot of problems with cutting the fabrics. This evening we learned how to finish our top with the eight blocks we made, but I decided to make the quilt a little larger, so I have still 8 blocks to go. We also had to choose a new colour for the triangles. Our teacher likes bright and exciting coulours to complete the quilt, I don't. But lucky Evy (of the shop Quilterspalet) saved me and we found a beautyfull fabric that matches very good, and also matches my taste.

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jacq zei

O! die roze met groen vind ik ook heel mooi!