dinsdag 8 september 2015

The wool factory in Tilburg

Have you ever been in the Textile Museum in Tilburg?
Yes, did you love it too?
No? Well if you have the chance to visit the museum, go for it.

In the museum you find the woolfactory 1900 - 1940. All the machines are working and they are showing you the whole process of making blankets. I remember when I was a child sleeping under those wool blankets.

Whole families were working during this periode in the factory. The labour was hard, badly paid and unhealthy. Many men and women became deaf of all the noise.  The children had to pick up the little thread and garbage under the machines. And if they weren't quick enough or didn't pay attention or fell asleep they were badly hurt or killed by the machine.

In the Textile lab, you find the modern machines, they make beautifull textile mostly for artist, who wants their design in textile. Have fun.

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wool factories are amazing to see working.........