dinsdag 8 september 2015

Quilts in the old Synagoge in Deventer 9 till 12 september

I can only say I had an amazing day in the Synagoge busy getting everything ready for the Dear Jane Quilt exposition.  I think the Dear Jane exhibition looks great.

Hope to see you during my show-and-tells about my antique quilts:
- Donderdag 10 september: 15.00 – 15.45
- Vrijdag 11 september: 15.00 – 15.45
- Zaterdag 12 september: 14.00 – 14.45
Locatie: Synagoge in de Golstraat

Here is just an impression of our activities.
 Picking up some of Jeltjes quilts from the 100 Roses, it's just around the corner, a 2-minute walk. Lucky we had good weather.
 There are so may amazing quilts in the synagoge, and see there is my very small quilt, I managed just 12 blocks of the Dear Jane and 12 blocks of the Amish Circle Quilts. Chapeau to the all quilters who finished the Dear Jane.

 Picture from the balcony.
 Reinier and Roel, our strong men today.
 Coffee break!! We worked very hard today: Agnes, Jeltje, Sylvia, Reinier and Roel. But also had lots of fun. And I think we all can be very pleased with the result.
 What an amazing location. De synagoge was build in 1892, and is build in a moorish style. In 1941 the holy relics like the Thora were destoryed. In 1952 the synagoge was sold to the protestant-christian community. Deventer lost most of his jewish population in WOII. In 2009 the Jewish Community start using the old synagoge again for services.

And I forgot to take pictures in the coffeecorner, more quilts to see.
Hope to see you all in the synagoge!!!!!

11 opmerkingen:

martine zei

Ben heel benieuwd naar alle Janes. Tot vrijdag.

Annelies zei

Wat een mooie lokatie en wat ziet het er goed uit !

quiltingmieke zei

Wens jullie verl "mazel tov"

Emma zei

Looks like a dream. I really wish I was there. Have a great time. I'm looking forward to your next blog. Xxx

Jeltje @ 100 rozen zei

It is sooo stunning, compliments for the team who fixed this. And thank you Jos for granting us the use of the synagoge.

Chookyblue...... zei

the display looks lovely.........wished I was close enough to visit..........a beautiful old building.....

Nana's Quilts zei

Really looks great. Greeting and congratulations to Jeltje ( did I spell that right?)

bep zei

In een woord geweldig wat hangen ze daar mooi, wees er maar trots op, ik probeer in deze week te gaan,lekker op de fiets naar je quilts kijken, Bep

Yvonne zei

Ik verheug me al ontzettend op de geweldige tentoonstelling! Zie je vrijdag! Wat een werk hebben jullie verzet!

Patricia zei

Hoi Caroline,
wat leuk dat je dit allemaal mee helpt organiseren !
Ik kom morgen (donderdag) naar Deventer,samen met quiltvriendinnen Anita en Carla.
Ik wens je nog hele fijne dagen toe, misschien zie ik je nog !

Lida zei

I saw your beauties in Katwijk and I wish that I could see them again, but I have to stay home, so I wish you lots of success overthere!