dinsdag 29 september 2015

St. Marie-aux-mines: Amish Quilts (5)

If you prefer traditional quilts there is still enough to see in St. Marie-aux-Mines. In the 'Eglise des Chaines' (church) was a very interesting exhibition with Amish Quilts. We are spoilt this year, because there is also a beautiful exposition about Amish Quilts in the 'De Pont Museum' in Tilburg.

There is a special connection between the Amish and St. Marie-aux-Mines. Jacob Amman (bishop)   one of the founders of the Amish lived in this valley. He was born in 1644. We don't know to much about him but in practical matters, he stood opposed to long hair on men, shaved beards, and clothing that manifested pride. So no buttons on trousers, shirts and dresses.

1890, Pennsylvania

 The Yellow star quilt is dated 1878, signed John Hummel. It is unknown whether he made the quilt or if the received it as a wedding present. I think it was given to me. But you never know in the 1800s.

Some of those quilts where for sale. Soooo tempting, like this quilt. Wedding quilt of Lydian A Bontrager. Made about 1955 by her grandmother. Lyda lives in Indiana “If I am selling this quilt, it is because my 8 children all have the quilt they want: I have given each one three quilts and a comforter. I need money to pay medical bills."

Wedding quilt of Elsie Otto, 1960. ‘I am selling this quilt because it’s too small for our bed and my children are interested. They prefer modern quilts’.
Elsies wedding quilt.


In this 56 squares Carla Bontrager used alle the different squares she had been gathering of many years.The colours are charasteristic of the clothes worn by the  Amish between 190 – 1990. ‘This quilt is the last I made for I am now 80. I have had bad back and asked my daugther Mary Esther to help me with the quilting.’ 

For certain, Clara won’t be doing any more quilting, although how does oneknow, because she is still amassing  scraps of fabric from here and there … How long will she be able to resist the pleasure of at least piecing them together?

Old wool, assembled in 1990 by Barbara Fisher, who was then 74 years old. Over het years, Barbara carefully kept offcuts of fabrics, some of wich date from her wedding in 1936. The bars and the Center Diamond established the credentials of the Amish quilt of Pennsylvania. Inspired by work on the land, this quilt, in its geometric simplicity, a faithful reflection of the austerity of Amish life. It fits perfectly with the Ordnung, that set of oral rules which regulates their daily life, and requiers a ‘modest’ attitude from every member of the community.

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