maandag 30 juni 2014

Having fun with ......

 .... AH-hamsters. The whole country colours orange. Our dutch soccer team is doing so much better then expected at the World Championship in Brasil. Every match we have a poule. Who got the right score. Against the aussies, the dutch won with 3-2, and Willem had the hamster. Lucky boy. Against Chili our dog Mies was the winner. Lucky girl. And last sunday Rob won the hamster, he got the right score 2-1 NL-Mexic. Lucky man. I can tell you he was overwhelmed by emotions winning the hamster. Who will be the lucky one ... in the next match against Costa Rica. How much fun can you have ...... ..... ..... ...... .......  

2 opmerkingen:

Nana's Quilts zei

Will Rob hang the hamster on his side of the bed, now? Such a clever fellow! Yes, the Dutch are doing so very well [even with a little bit of acting, but still very good]. Tomorrow we get another chance - at least a chance to show that we may not be top of the world, but we can doing fairly well. Go USA!

Yvonne zei

Als me maar lol hebt toch! We proberen het hier allemaal een beetje te volgen maar dan zonder enig oranje, laat staan hamsters..........wel beren maar die zijn zwart!