vrijdag 13 juni 2014

Cycling to the Putter Steam Pumping Station

Wednesday: a very interesting visit at the Putter Steam Pumping Station.  Every wednesday morning the volunteers give you a free tour. 

The Putter Steam Pumping Station was responsible for keeping the Zuiderzee-Arkemheen polder dry for almost one hundred years. 

After thorough restoration by a group of volunteers, the steam pumping station has been returned to its former glory. 

Black smoke coming out of the chimney means that the pumping station is running at full steam, and open to visitors.

Flood gates
The Zuiderzee-Arkemheen polder is one of the oldest polders in the Netherlands. For centuries, the water level in the polder was controlled by flood gates that closed when the water in the Zuiderzee was high. Excess water drained off through a sluice.
The pumping station was built in 1886 with a house next door for the engine operator. The original steam pumping engine was driven by a coal-fired boiler manufactured by Bakker & Rueb from Breda. When the dike flooded in 1916, salt water got into the machine which had to be replaced by a more powerful engine. The new steam engine could turn a scoop wheel with 20 paddles that had a capacity for pumping an impressive 75m3 of water per minute.The pumping station was operational until 1971 after which, an electric pumping station further along the dike, took over. (Source http://excitinghistory.com/industrieel-erfgoed/putten-putter-stoomgemaal)

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Nana's Quilts zei

Not only are you having some fun adventures and bicycling, you are having an educational time to learn about your country. Aren't you so clever?! What a good girl!

Chookyblue...... zei

what interesting place...glad it has been restored......enjoying your posts............