dinsdag 10 juni 2014

Atelier Bep

Nobody around, only some squirrels, wild pigs and  a deer.
Sunday morning, at 8.30 am I was already riding my bike. Diretion? To Hall (Atelier Bep). She had her open day and the weather was so lovely. First to the woods direction Apeldoorn, then along the channel, and there is Atelier Bep after 43 km. Spending some time in her garden quilting, a little little bit of shopping. And around 1 pm Rob was there to pick me up to go to his mum birthday. More time to work at my Spakenburger quilt.

By numbering almost every cyclepath, and information panels on the numbers, you can easily find your way. Just follow the numbers.
Still another 10 km to go along the channel.
Juultje, one of Bep her dogs. Finding a nice place to to sleeping.

To put in the big pins from the washing line.

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