vrijdag 20 juni 2014

All orange

Like I said before we are not massive football fans. But wednesday eve we made an exception. We invited some friends and watched the game.

We even made bets for the winning score.  Int he afternoon Willem and I made a tour through the house to find orange things. We found a box with "welpies" and "wuppies". We made a walk with Mies through Theresiastreet, she got lots of attention in her orange shirt. One dog was barking to hear but he was a fan of the aussies.

It was really excited. I thought it would be 1-1, so I had the hamster for some time. Then it became 2-1 for the Aussies, so Rob was in the race for the hamster. Nobody with 2-2, and then 3-2 for the dutch team. Well done Willem, you won the hamster.

Willem won the hamster!!!

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Yvonne zei

Haha, wat een leuke avond, zelfs voor niet-voetbalfans. Winnen is altijd leuk!