maandag 14 juli 2014

Enjoying summertime

It's amazing, still lovely weather, mostly sunshine, a few times heavy rain, but every weekend we enjoy our cyclingtours. Here is just an impression of our summerdays.
 In the Hague woods, new life, just born, mama is protecting them.
 We already live for six years next to the Theresiastraat, but we hadn't tried out this restaurant. I'm not sure we're going again, terrific food, but the portions were very small.
 This quilt I made for Jan-Arie, it's one of my favorite patterns, the 1600 inch quilt. Jan-Arie is in a revalidation centre because he had brain damage, but end of this month he is coming home. I hope he will enjoy his quilt on the sofa.
 One week later, mum and dad and their three kids, and probably some older siblings.
 What I love about summer is all the fresh fruit and vegetables especially the little honey tomatoes are terrific.
 On our bikes, you can alway can find a place to charge the battery.
 Mies is probably the biggest supporter in our house when it comes to the World Championship in Brasil. The dutch became number 3!!!! Nobody had expected that. So well done.
 Between Putten and Voorthuizen, in the middle of nowhere, the local supermarket.
 Almost home sweet home, Deventer, my town, I went to school here, today I was with my mum, don't you love the umbrellas in the little streets. Makes me happy.
 I'm not very good in knitting or crochet, to be honest I just know one crochet pattern, and one knitting pattern, but I love to make scarfs. This a lovely little knitting shop.
Last but not least, still 2 months and 4 dagys before I leave on my Quiltersholiday. Friday eve we had a meeting. Laura explained about the trip, and made us a travelguide..... and some very good choclate cookies. On the 18th september I'm leaving with Marjoke, Joke, Dickie, Laura and Henk to New England for my quiltadventure.

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Petra zei

Je trip klinkt heel erg veel belovend! En je quilt valt vast goed in de smaak. Ik vond de vogels erg mooi bij de herfstkleuren passen.