woensdag 11 januari 2012

Under construction Spakenburger Houses

It's going slowy but steady. But really, it's fun. And I love peeking around on all the other blogs with the building activities. Some of them are really going speedy, they will manage the 365. For the moment my goal is to make100 Spakenburger houses. And then probably put a nice border around it with all the leftovers. Then I can call my quilt: "The 100 houses of Spakenburg". 

Looking at my progress, 6 done, 4 cut, 90 on more to go. I'm on schedule : ).

And yes another photo of my dog, he keeps me lots of company at the moment, and his favorite spot is next to me on the bed. Like a real "service" dog, full of attention, ready for action : ).

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