donderdag 12 januari 2012

Pin cushions

Well what's so interesting about pincushions, except that you need them for your needles and pins. Well I was looking for my friend Marne for a special pincushion, something she could easily use after her surgery. In the hospital or when she's back home, the last thing you want is to find needles and pins in your bed. 

I love my little finger pincushion, it's very handy and I use it a lot at the moment. I bought one at an exposition in Seattle, but they're very easy to make yourself. Just use the cap of a bottle.
Here is a very good tutorial.

At the Etsy shop you can find hundreds of differents pin cushions, and all kind of home made products. For example I ordered a little pillbox with a black cocker spaniel on it. Real fun. Very handy are the pincushion you can wear around your wrist, so this one is flying to Seattle. So you see there is a lot to tell about pin cushions.
Maybe a little Spakenburger House as a pincushion?

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Marha, Supergoof and Simone

2 opmerkingen:

Jo in TAS zei

I love the little ring pincushion you sent me, it's very handy!

Klaske zei

Heej dat is handig, zo raak je je spelden niet kwijt!