maandag 2 januari 2012

Reflections 2011

A new year, a new start,  a time for reflections. It seems that 2011 passed very quickly, but I remember it as an fantastic year.
  • I finished several antique quilts and did my first show-and-tell at Bep.
  • I made a trip to Marne and Elaine, which was really fantastic again.
  • I wanted to start my big dog quilt, maybe this year.
  • Granny had her 85th birthday party in march.
  • In april we had fantastic weather the rest of the summer was lousy.
  • Marne and Elaine stayed for 10 weeks in the Netherlands, Dieuwke and I embarrassed them with a "welcome quilt" on the airport.
  • Rob cycled 146 kilometers for the Childrens Hospital in The Hague. Together they raised 19.000 euro.
  • And then of course there was Grace's Quilt. I'm still busy writing the story, and I'm still in contact with Grace's daughter and granddaughter.
  • September was all about holidays: Germany, Paris and St. Marie-aux-Mines.
    Unfinished reindeer Quilt
  • In october believe it or not: the dutch won the World Baseball Championship.
  • November/december I spend most of my time at my study, I finished my first paper and still waiting for the result. I changed my house in X-mas, but the reindeer quilt, is going back in the X-mas box, unfortunetaley I didn't manage to finish it, so I will give a new chance for X-mas 2012.
And what about 2012, I don't know what will come, but I'm sure it will be full of new challenges and suprises.

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