zondag 29 januari 2012


Two projects: Spakenburger houses (14 finished) and Appelcores. For the applecores I borrowed a stamp from Dieuwke (you can buy it in Dorry's quiltshop). It's very easy, and saves you lots of times, no drawing with templates. On the other hand you loose that time because sewing applecores is much more complicated then I thought. I love the mix of muslin and scrap fabrics. You know I'm a muslin addict, so visiting Marne in september there will be muslin on my shopping list again. Because I want this to be a big quilt.

It seems that next week will be a little bit colder, some freezing temperatures. Well who cares, with all the narcisses we bring spring into our home.

3 opmerkingen:

Klaske zei

Lijkt me inderdaad handig, zo'n stempel.
Ik heb ook nog appeltjes liggen, die heb ik met een malletje om getekend maar die moeten nog genaaid worden...
Er gaat veel tijd inzitten in die rondingen maar het is wel een leuk werkje vind ik..

marcella zei

je leert wel ronde vormen naaien op die manier ;) Mooi worden ze wel
succes met de volgende serie

Nana's Quilts zei

Good work, there, madam! I do love the narcissis (I have some photos to add to my blog) and your apple cores are very nice. Explain why they are difficult. And of course, we will add muslin to our shopping list for the fall.