woensdag 20 augustus 2014

Trying to catch up

The last days so much happened. Holiday is over,  so monday it was back to work. I could do with another week ; ).

Tuesday, early up in the morning to get the house ready for the Seattle girls.

And of course play with George in the kitchen. The muffins were a little bit dry, you have drip them in your tea, but the lemon-mascarpone cake taste great.

Of course I had to hurry to be in time at the Airport! So only picture of the Starbucks, no time for coffee. When I'm busy with George I forget about time ; ).

At 12.45 they arrived safely at the Airport. Great seeing them again!!! They stay just a few days at our place before they start their biking tour through the Netherlands.

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Leuke foto van de aankomst!