dinsdag 12 augustus 2014

Globetrotters and girls days

Rob and Peter (15 years old son of my friend Yolande) started their cycling tour on friday morning (127 km, almost 80 miles) in two days.

Lucky guys, the weather forecast wasn't looking too good, but they knew to avoid all the rain.
The tour: Utrecht - Rhenen - Garderen. On sunday more though guy things: climbing.

And the girls? Well they had a lovely friday morning in the beautyshop.

Played with George in the afternoon, and had fun on saturday in the cookshop in The Passage and Dille-en-Kamille.

And don't forget the carrot cake ; ) on the "Plein".

George doing it again: lemon cake

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Nana's Quilts zei

Busy times for you and yours. Rob is so good to your friends and their children - including E. Good that Yolanda got a day away from home and the usual routine. It is very warm here (yesterday was about 36 graden). Today it is very cloudy and humid. Waiting for the thunder and lightning. YUK!