maandag 4 augustus 2014

Impression of the quiltweekend in Ermelo

I had a great weekend. All about quilting. Life can be so good. I already started in the morning in our own garden. A around 1pm I left to the "100 roses" in Ermelo for a special quiltweekend. Several workshops like the mouses, stitchery, dear Jane, lights were all planned on saturday.
I was so busy that I forgot to take a lot of pictures.

On sunday I did my first official show-and-tell. I hope some of you made some pictures. Please can you send them to me..

Well everybody thank you so much, Henk, Roel, Magda and some other people that did the lovely food. Sylvia, Jeltje and Heleen for the workshops. Marleen, Rianne (and her husband and kids), Tonnie, Ans and Wilma for being such nice company. I hope I didn't forget anybody. Mum and dad, it was great that you came to my show-and-tell as well. What a suprise.

Lots and lots of inspiration are waiting.

Workshop Little Mouses from Heleen.
Looking for some shade under the trees. I think it was over 30C.
And then there was rain, rain, so we flew inside.
My pile of antique quilts waiting to be shown.

Don't I look cute in my '40s apron made of feedsack.

Workshop on sunday. I will show pictures when it's finished.

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Yvonne zei

Leuke impressie van je weekend! Nu maar hopen dat je wat leuke foto's krijgt toegestuurd van je show en tell!