woensdag 6 augustus 2014

This is me.....

with my antique quilts. I felt really proud to shown them to the other quilters.

Made by Jenny Lind Kamm, hand quilted by amish women.

5 opmerkingen:

Yvonne zei

Zucht.....wat zijn ze toch mooi! Een geweldige collectie!

Martine zei

Wat een mooie verzameling quilts.

Patricia zei

Wat een leuk blog over die antieke quilts.
Ik vind vooral die weddingring quilt zo mooi, met die verrassende combinatie van kleuren !

Nana's Quilts zei

Well, it looks like you did a great job and folks enjoyed it. I would add my little "hurrah" for my little contribution - woo hoo!

Nana's Quilts zei

I should also say that you look very good in an apron. You should practice wearing it more often at home, with George and everything. :-)