vrijdag 28 december 2012


Time flies, X-mas is already over and now it's on to New Year. All the X-mas stuff is still hanging around in our house (till the 1th of januar). Come and have a look. The X-mas tree is filled with memories, and the packages from Australia and Seattle were waiting.  (They opened and they contained very special gifts, more about it later).
The old church in the X-mas tree was from my grandmother.

In the hallway you find my Tilda X-mas things I made. In the kitchen hangs my last creation " a reindeer guirlande". The pattern is from Atelier Bep and they were sewed on a tablemat, but I preferred to make a guirlande with them. So I got rid of a few more scraps.
In the dining room you find the X-mas stable/shed, it was made by an friend (who died 14 years ago).
The figures were made by myself.

Then in the living room, you will find Santa Claus, it was the Chookey swap 2010.

The Secret Santa Chookey Swap is my favorite, I join it already several years and it's just part of all the X-mas fun. This year Kerry send me some lovely gifts, pictures will follow, but it has to do something with dogs. For some reason she figured out I'm a dog lover ;  ).

Then there is my X-mas quilt, warm and cozy. It isn't very cold here in the Netherlands, it's mostly rain, rain, rain!!! 
X-mas we spend with my parents. My mother made us a very nice meal.
If you love sprouts (spruitjes), here is the recipe.

Second X-mas day (not common in every part of the world), my brother and sister-in-law came along with their three kids. 

That's fun, unwrapping gifts with grandma and granddad.

One of the traditions is going to the "living" X-mas shed at Joppe. (Last year I missed it, because I was in hospital) but this year it felt good to be back again. It was one thing we did from childhood on with my grandmothers and parents.

Good X-mas memories this year. Just another few days of holiday to go. Back to work on the 2th of januar.

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Nana's Quilts zei

It looks like you had a very fun and full Christmas celebration. And you house is all decorated. We are going to Port Townsend today for the week-end with some of our RVing friends. Happy New Year.

Anthea zei

Beautiful gifts received from your secret Santa...it's a fun Swap!