woensdag 19 december 2012

The first one is finished .....

.... and there will be following more. I'm just in the mood for nice little projects, and these candle mats are perfect when you're sitting on the sofa and watch a X-mas movie for the 5th time. Here in the Netherlands, it's evey year the same movies on the telly.

You can buy the e-patterns (2 or 3 dollars) here: Primitive stitches.

Just another two days of work. I finished my businesscase Marketing for my study Business Administration/Science yesterday, and today I got the result. Yes!!!!! 9 points (10 is the maximum). Oh I can tell you I'm very happy. Now the holidays really can begin in 1,5 days. Quilting, reading, making walks and just doing nothing.

1 opmerking:

Bernadette van Gils zei

erg leuk die kaarsmatten, ziet er leuk uit zo
dat is een mooi punt voor je werk van afgelopen tijd, proficiat
iik wens jou en je familie fijne feestdagen