woensdag 11 juli 2012

Expedition with Granny

Arrival in Amsterdam 10.50 a.m. picking up Granny, on our way to Bunschoten and Spakenburg. In the back of the car my Spakenburger Quilt for the Exhibition "Van Ootje's Goet".
11.35, arrival in Bunschoten,  we spend 1,5 hour on the exhibiton, which is really really worthwile visiting. It's amazing and unique to see so many quilts made of traditional costume fabrics from this region in one place.
Of course I had to buy some fabrics, and I really got some ideas how to use them in quilts. We weren't allowed to take pictures, except from my own quilt, but I made 1 or 2 secretly. Just to give you an impression.

Museum in Spakenburg
Museum Spakenburg

When you're are in Bunschoten don't forget to visit the Klederdracht en Visserij Museum behind the Noorderkerk in Spakenburg, (just two kilometers away), and you get a 50% discount.

You will find more quilts there, and a very interesting collection of furniture, bags, hats, pictures, doll in costume fabrics, and quiltfabrics. (Oh dear more to buy).
Back home at 15.30, time for a cup of tea at Granny's place in Amsterdam.

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Willy zei

Gezellig zo samen opstap.Ik probeer zaterdag te gaan. Ik ben benieuwd naar je quilt. Er is nog een museum aan de haven, ook zeer de moeite waard, Museum Spakenburg.
Veel plezier met de aankopen.