zondag 15 juli 2012

Mourning fabrics from Spakenburg

The problem is, when you go to a Quiltshow there are always fabrics you need. The quiltshow in Bunschoten-Spakenburg was very inspiring. So with some fabric I bought there, and fabrics that were already in my possesion I started a nine-patch quilt with muslin and the purple mourning fabrics. All the colours got their own meaning. Black: was for the widow and children. Very dark purple: brothers and sisters, or three months mourning. Light purple: not so close related, or after the first year etc.  The man in the museum told me once that when you was the youngest of the family (and 8-10 kids weren't an exception), you probably would wear most of your life mourning colours. Doesn't that sound depressing.

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Petra zei

Je wordt inderdaad niet vrolijk van het idee. Het levert wel een hele mooie quilt op. Groetjes,