zaterdag 14 juli 2012

Friday .........

Somtimes it's a hard life for a senior dog like me. Although I'm here for a week now, I think going out at 08.30 a.m. in the morning is still pretty early. But  they (Rob and Caro) wanted to go out for a walk and breakfast. They say I'm not a "morning" dog, and they're probably right ; ).

Oke, oke, let's go. I really liked the lunchroom at the Theresiastraat. I behaved myself very well, got lot of attention from the employees, and I loved looking around. All those new expeiences ....

 On our way back home, we made a stop at my favorite shop:

Back home, I really like a good brush.
And now at 23.50 p.m. Caro is telling me that I do a lot of snoring. I can't imagine.

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