zaterdag 28 juli 2012


Mies (our sweet 12-year old lady dog) is now three weeks with us. Yes I know,  in the Netherlands Mies is supposed to be a cat's name.

Coming from "Aap-Noot-Mies". This was a methode to teach children reading. It was developed around 1900, but it was still used in the seventies at my primary school.

Very tired, in one of her favorite positions.

But for some reason Mies is good name for her, and comes very close to her original french name "Miesjoe".

Sandsculpture of Juliana van Stolberg, the original statue is standing 200 metres from our house.

We still haven't figured out if she know dog commands in french. I have think she doesn't know any commands ; ), so we try to teach her "sit" and "come". That's enough for the time being.

Last weekend we went for the first time to our summerhouse with her. She really enjoyed it, she has explored the whole garden, became friends with the neighbour dogs and went on a visit to the sand sculptures in Garderen. The theme this year is: Dutch Royal Family.

2 opmerkingen:

Nana's Quilts zei

Love the spakenberger quilt. The purples are really nice. Glad that Mies was able to enjoy the neighbor's dog. Watching the Olympics on TV - fun!

Petra zei

Ik heb deze plank ook nog op school gehad, begin jaren zeventig. Roept herinneringen op. Je quilt gaat er heel mooi uit zien. Groetjes, Petra