zaterdag 5 mei 2012

Featherweight temptations..... (part 1)

Dieuwke's Sewing Machine
Oh sometimes you can make big mistakes ; ). One of them I made yesterday evening. Dieuwke called to show her "new" old feather weight singer sewing machine from 1947.

I should have stayed home (probably for the rest of my life) ; ).

What a beauty, and it's still working, and  makes wonderful stitches. For those, who don't know the Featherweight Singer. It's a portable sewing machine, and was made between 1933 and 1966. Standard the featherweight is black with gold decoration. But later they made them also in white and green. The machine is very small, about 39 cm (16 inch), and you can make it even smaller to 30 cm (12 inch).

Well what happened, I fell in love with the machine, and then, oh even worse, she told me that Andre where she bought the machine, even had more: 1952, 1957 both black, and a white one from the sixties.

So the deal was quickly made. Next week I have my own Singer Featherweight arriving, up from the north of the Netherlands. And while Rob and Tale are cycling through Germany. I will be playing with my new sewing machine.
Oh I'm really a lucky girl.

By the way:  If you love Singer Featherweights, on sunday the 3 of june, lots of ladies will take their machine with them to Bep during the "open day".

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