zaterdag 5 mei 2012

Featherweight (part 2)

I really really had to try this machine.

And I couldn't wait untill mine will arrive, next week.

 I found some nice 30s, 40s fabrics squares in my stash and combined them with muslin, just for a little quilt. It's so fun sewing "old"blocks on Dieuwke's "old" machine.

Well stranger things can happen on a saturday night ; ).

2 opmerkingen:

Marne zei

Goodness me - that is in fact quite cute, I will agree. Nice blocks, too. I'm ready to start on a quilt with 30's fabric. I have one all picked out. Have fun!

ballardquilter zei

Congratulations. When you next visit, I will have to introduce you to my vintage Singer. It is a Singer 503 Rocketeer. I love the modern machines but there is something special sewing on a vintage machine and imaging the lives of previous users.