zaterdag 12 mei 2012

Featherweight cross stitch (part 9)

Oops. I don't know how to turn the picture!
I'm not doing a lot of cross-stitch, but sometimes I really like to do a small project. My idea was: embroidering a Featherweight. Surfing over the web didn't help. I couldn't find any cross stitch pattern of a featherweight or sewing machine.

Well then there is only one solution: If they don't have it, make it work ; ).

So this is my own design. And I think it turned out pretty well. The work is still in progress. So if you like this pattern, just leave a comment with your emailadress, and I will send it to you next week.

Just know that I'm not a professional designer, as you can see on the picture, I don't have software on my computer to make cross stitch patterns.

4 opmerkingen:

Supergoof zei

Krijg het niet uit m'n hoofd,....
Zal ik wel zal ik ni,...

Nana's Quilts zei

Pretty cute there dearie.

Anoniem zei

What a wonderful cross stitch pattern. I have the new anniversary Singer and am slowly getting used to it, I love it so much. I am going to look through your blog to see if I can find any hints. Kind regards, Ann

Ingrid zei

Heel mooi patroontje !!!