woensdag 4 april 2012

My hobbely-wobbely quilt from the 19c

That's how Dieuwke, Marne and I call quilts that aren't flat. Hobbely comes from the dutch word: "hobbelen", means bumping, rock. And "wobbely" from the dutch words: wobbelen and bobbelen (bumpy).

Well this lady in the 19c really did her best, and I wonder how they made their quilts in that time. I guess they didn't have the equipment we do have now. Like rulers, knifes or mats to cut fabric. Well to me it seems a hard job with only measuring tapes and scisscors. Or maybe this quilttop is just made by a less experience woman ; ). Anyway it doesn't matter.

Well my next problem: I now have to decide about the quilting. Which colour of thread will I use: blue, white or tea. And which pattern. I adore this little pattern of the schoolhouses, and it fits very well in the snowballs.

If you have some advices of ideas. Just let me know. I really appreciate your opinion.

2 opmerkingen:

Nana's Quilts zei

Yes, that is very nice, but how many do you have to do? It should help a bit with the hobbely wobbely, but.....? Wish I could join you for your quilting time today.

Petra zei

Ik vind het schoolhuisje geweldig. Op de een of andere manier past dat (voor mij) goed bij de 9-patch er naast. Ik zou de crème kleurige draad gebruiken, maar ik kan de andere blokken niet zien. De andere lichte kleur zou ook goed kunnen. Ik ben een grote blauw fan maar niet bij deze quilt. Groetjes,