zondag 1 april 2012

I love antique quilt tops ......

... but the last months I haven't give them enough attention. There are several treasures waiting in my cupboard, to be repaired, washed, ironed and get quilted. This is one of them, probably made second half of the 19c, maybe turn of the 19c. It's always hard to know exactly. The woman who made it never finished it, she used mostly leftovers from men's shirt, and it is completely hand sewed.  

The fabric I chose for the back

And more reading Marne did send me this book for my birthday, it's a lovely book with very interesting information about the the history of quilting in the USA. There are always new facts and figures to learn.

Snowballs and nine patches

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Nana's Quilts zei

Oh I like that pattern with the snowballs and 9 patch. Very interesting and I think that is a very good fabric for the back. And aren't coi so cute - I love them. They are so colorful.

Jeltje @ 100 roses zei

Hi, Caroline. Could it be a shrinking effect in the hobbly-wobbly quilt?