woensdag 11 april 2012

It's not only quilting but also crochet at the moment

I'm partly in a kind of crochet mood. I finished my first shawl/wrap, with the leftovers brown and white for granny. It's a very easy pattern (in different languages) from "Drops desgin". I'm now busy with the second one in the colours on the picture, using Alpaca wool, very good to work with.

Apparently I'm not the only one with a crochet mood. Last thursday Dieuwke, Emmy and I had a "quilt"bee. And Emmy finished a cute little baby washclothes. A free pattern from Theresa Grant. I forgot to take a pictures so I borrow the picture from Theresa.

Dieuwke is still working on her embroidery cross stitch project. (I promise you I will make a picture next time, because it's a lovely pattern, and she's making it one-colour.)

The crochet squares are a very nice pattern, so if you don't want to make baby washclothes just make 25 squares or more, and turn it into a little baby blanket.

I had some problems with the english translation, so I made a dutch translation. If you're interested in the dutch translation just send me an email or leave a reaction..
(Haakpatroon baby washandje)

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Nana's Quilts zei

Well, that's fun. I am hopeless at crochet - I never am clear about what the directions are telling me to do. I can follow knit, but not crochet. Good for you!

willemijn zei

Hoi Caro,

Jij ook aan het haken! Leuk he? Ik heb het ook helemaal ontdekt.
Heerlijke werkjes voor tussendoor of mee te nemen.
Liefs W.