donderdag 1 december 2011

Please, mr Postman

Wait, oh yes wait a minute mister postman
Wait, wait mister postman
Mister postman look and see
If there's a letter in your bag for me
I like this song, especially singing it aloud in the car, you know when nobody can hear you. This song seems to be applicable to X-mas time, when the postman is bringing me gifts on my doormat. And yes there was a package in the mail today,  from my Secret Santa. Isn't this a lovely X-mas stocking? THANK YOU!!!! There is more but we were only allowed to open the X-mas ornament.

And Chookey is very precise about it ; ).

5 opmerkingen:

Jo in TAS zei

Yey! I'm so pleased it arrived! The stocking is a design by Helen Stubbings of Hugs 'n Kisses here in Australia. I had so much fun making these and sending you some secret messages :-)

Rosa zei

It`s adorable!

Nana's Quilts zei

Aren't you so lucky. Maybe I should get brave and try another exchange. That last one just put me off doing them (with folks I don't know). Very nice.

Anoniem zei

lovely stocking,Jo is very clever,

Chookyblue...... zei

wonderful news your SSCS has arrived and such a gorgeous ornament from Jo......