maandag 28 november 2011

Want to know if we had a good time sunday .......

at Atelier Bep  ...... well I can assure you we did.  We met quilters from all over the country, and what's more fun then whole day talking about quilts wich each other. I really enjoyed, and it feels very good when people are really interested in what you do, and enjoy it as well. Thanks everybody for your kind and warm reactions.

I have written before about Bep, it's a very lovely quiltshop (in an old pig shed)  in middle of the Netherlands. Inside and outside is so much to see. What do you think of the little mouse. The cat on the table and the dog behind the stove?
I did a few show-and-tells in the kitchen. And Doris, lots of people loved your mother's quilt (Grace's Quilt) and especially the story how we have met each other. In the meanwhile Dieuwke was entertaining in the livingroom. Bep used her whole house to put in all her guests. We, SimoneGemma  and Loekie each had a corner in the livingroom, just behind the kitchen, so we were close to the coffee, gluhwein and cakes. Bep made lovely carrotcake for us.
Well I only can say, if you're neighbourhood next year, don't forget to come. And if somebody is interested in a show-and-tell about my antique quilts please email me.
Caro, Dieuwke and Bep

4 opmerkingen:

Wieke van Keulen zei

Prachtig Caroline, wat heb ik genoten van je enthousiasme bij het vertellen over je quilts. Je ogen straalden bij het vertellen en dat was te merken. Dank.

bep zei

O ja Wieke die stralende ogen vielen mij ook op,nog bedankt Carolien, Bep

Jane in Wales zei

Leuke fotos! Ik ben in juli voor de eerste keer bij Bep geweest en vond het fantastisch. Dus erg leuk om al deze fotos te zien. Dank je wel!

Nana's Quilts zei

I am so jealous that I couldn't be there. I do remember all the places at Bep's home. Ummmmm. Looks really wonderful. Glad that you had a good reception from all those wonderful quilt ladies.