dinsdag 20 december 2011

X-mas stockings

Yesterday I made 6 X-mas stockings, three for my nephews Thomas, Nathaniel and Chris, two for my nieces Sophie and Promise, and one for the dog Bo. I will take them to my parents and hang them up there, because we will celebrate X-mas in Epse with the whole family. For the time being they're hanging in our hallway.

I was doing research on the internet about X-mas stockings, what's the idea about this tradition. Well here is one of the stories:

Very long ago, there lived a poor man and his three very beautiful daughters. He had no money to get his daughters married, and he was worried what would happen to them after his death.

Saint Nicholas was passing through when he heard the villagers talking about the girls. St. Nicholas wanted to help, but knew that the old man wouldn't accept charity. He decided to help in secret. He waited until it was night and crept through the chimney.He had three bags of gold coins with him, one for each girl. As he was looking for a place to keep those three bags, he noticed stockings of the three girls that were hung over the mantelpiece for drying.

He put one bag in each stocking and off he went. When the girls and their father woke up the next morning, they found the bags of gold coins and were of course, overjoyed. The girls were able to get married and live happily ever after.(www.wikipedia.com)

Isn't that a lovely story?

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Nana's Quilts zei

It's a lovely story even if it isn't entirely historical. And your stair railing looks lovely and very festive. We only have a few decorations. Busy with other things. Chat soon.