donderdag 29 april 2010

Safely arrived... from New Jersey

Look what the mailwoman brought today. Two lovely antique baskets blocks. I actually had bought one block, but Renie put some extra things in it. Like the blue basket block and some leftover fabric, that I can use to repair my antique quilts. It's so nice of her, and she put such a lovely note in it as well (wich ended with love-love-love the blue + white quilt). Isn't that so nice. I think I have met wonderful people/quilters on the internet. I love the "www", it gives me the chance to get in contact with quilters all over the world!! And even visit people and make new friends, like Marne and Elaine.

Well a new project is waiting. I'm thinking about making a kind of "medaillon" quilt, with the basket in the middle, and some borders around it. Maybe put the blue basket in my antique orphan quilt. And of course all will be handquilted.
The brown block is a 9 inch square, dating: circa 1840-60. It's all hand stitched. It's incredible if you look at the condition of this 150 years old block of early american stitchery. The blue block I would date about 1880-1900, I think the basket is made of a men's shirt. It's also very cute and in great condition.

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Nana's Quilts zei

You shall become our antique quilt expert. I'm having some lovely exchange conversations with an older gentleman and his wife, from near Zoetermeer. This may really happen - won't that be fun? And then I can really come for the quiltbees.